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FAQ 2: What does the U.S. Dairy Export Council do?

By Mark O'Keefe

FAQ 2: What does the U.S. Dairy Export Council do? 

Let us first make it clear what USDEC doesn't do.

USDEC does not and cannot export dairy products. As a nonprofit, independent membership organization we can and do represent the global trade interests of the entire U.S. dairy industry. We are dairy's experts on exports. Our main website is

Primarily funded by farmers through the dairy checkoff, USDEC’s mission is to promote dairy exports, enriching the well-being of people, communities and the planet. Dairy Management Inc., based in Rosemont, Illinois, founded USDEC, which has its headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

With extensive expertise in trade policy, market access, regulatory affairs, dairy ingredients and cheese, the USDEC staff works to help farmers and USDEC members increase dairy exports.

In a clip below from a video interview with DMI's Scott Wallin, USDEC President and CEO Krysta Harden explains her passion. If USDEC succeeds, millions of people around the world will consume more U.S. dairy products and ingredients made with U.S. milk from U.S. dairy farms. This economic expansion will benefit American farm families and the rural communities where they live. 

Watch the entire six-minute DMI video of Harden explaining USDEC's vision here.

To increase demand in markets you have to be in those markets. 

That's why USDEC has eight global offices with "boots on the ground” providing eyes, ears, relationships and insights that benefit U.S. dairy farmers and the entire industry.

What else does USDEC do? Among other things:

  • Engage with food and beverage manufacturers, retailers, consumers, and food and dairy organizations worldwide.
  • Tell the story of U.S. dairy, about nutritious, high-quality products, cutting-edge technology, innovation, commitment to serving world markets, supply consistency and world-leading sustainability.
  • Connect our members with buyers and help them navigate the rules and regulations required to access high-potential markets.
  • Work with the U.S. government to advance trade policy that facilitates dairy trade.
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