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Farm Credit Canada Gives Out $100,000 In Grants To 4-H

Farm Credit Canada’s (FCC) 4-H Club Fund will contribute $100,000 in grants to 206 4-H clubs, districts and regions across Canada in the New Year.
The Fund awards up to $500 to local 4-H clubs every year.
The money helps to develop existing programs, cover the costs associated with local events and exchanges, supports volunteers and helps with the purchase of various resource materials.
FCC’s Executive Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer, Todd Klink, says by supporting 4-H clubs across Canada, the FCC 4-H Club Fund is helping pave the way for young people to pursue any number of careers in Canadian agriculture if that’s where their dreams take them.
“Through local 4-H clubs, young people are given the opportunity to learn practical skills through hands-on experience, as well as develop the leadership skills and values that will open up opportunities in the agriculture, food, agribusiness industries and beyond.”
4-H Canada CEO, Shannon Benner, says they are grateful to FCC for their support over the past quarter-century, making a long-lasting impact in communities across the country, and creating life-long skills for youth,
“We believe that engaging more youth in fulfilling their potential starts with building capacity for clubs and leaders to develop world-class positive youth development programming for their members at the local level; this club funding ensures that our vision becomes a reality.”
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