Home   Farm Equipment News includes Manitoba Used Farm Equipment Listings includes Manitoba Used Farm Equipment Listings is pleased to welcome its first Manitoba Dealer, Warner Bus Industries of Winnipeg onto the website.  Warner Bus Industries is part of the Warner Industries dealership, which advertisers with Farm Press.   All of Warner Industries dealer locations, including those in Saskatchewan are also listed on the website.

As Manitoban farmers begin to sketch out their planting intentions for the spring, having access to used farm equipment listings online as they search for important pieces of used farm equipment to supplement their farm machinery, will be a welcomed tool.  Manitoba Farmers can now choose to search by category and/or location, to find the piece of used farm equipment that best meets their needs.   Farmers can also download the Used Farm Equipment app from Google Play or iTunes. 

More Manitoba used equipment listings and more Manitoba dealers are being added each week onto the website.  Dealers interested in having their used farm equipment inventory listed on, should contact

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