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Farm Spray PRO APP Compliant Recordkeeping.

Farm Spray Pro Provides Growers and Applicators with The Solution for Recordkeeping, Product Information, Tank Mix Calculation, Field Mapping, and Federal and State Reporting Requirements.
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MURRAY, KY (March 1, 2018) – TapLogic is announcing the release of Farm Spray Pro, a web and mobile-based spray record tool designed to assist growers and applicators with their pesticide application record requirements. TapLogic’s Pro Series now consists of Farm Spray Pro, Soil Test Pro and Farm Scout Pro. The Pro Series is designed to provide farmers with smart solutions and keep their operations running smooth.
Farm Spray Pro makes recordkeeping a breeze and eases the reporting burden centered around compliance with federal and state regulations for Dicamba and other Restricted Use Pesticides.
Farm Spray Pro includes:
• A Web Headquarters with mobile device activation.
• Recordkeeping and reporting for spray activities, such as field location, products applied, EPA #, labels, weather, buffers, and much more.
• Database of over 6,000 crop “pests”.
• Database of over 12,000 pesticides, product labels, SDS sheets, and other relevant product information.
• Tank Mix Calculator for building tank mix recipes and total loads per field.
• Mapping tools for field boundaries: draw, import, GPS, or import from John Deere Operations Center.
Farm Spray Pro is available to purchase at an Early Bird discounted price of $345 until 3/15/18, a savings of $150. The purchase is one time - there is no annual fee. Or give us a call at 1-855-755-6932 to take advantage of the Early Bird discount.
Farm Spray Pro is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store on March 21.
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