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FarmCash is live and ready for applications

FarmCash, a new cash advance option led by the Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) under the Federal Government’s Advance Payments Program (APP), is now live and ready to accept applications on September 1 for the Fall Advance at Farmers who use the online application will be guided through a step-by-step process that is simple, efficient, and saves time on paperwork.
FarmCash offers advances on 45 commodities of up to $400,000 per program year with $100,000 interest-free and $300,000 at a low interest rate.
“One of our goals in developing FarmCash is to improve the user experience,” said Kevin Bender, AWC Chair. “Our web-based platform slims down the application process so applicants are only navigating through information that’s relevant to what they’re applying for. Our ultimate goal is to deliver something really simple that saves time. Farmers can also apply the traditional way if they prefer.”
FarmCash will provide top-notch customer service and any proceeds from the program will be reinvested back into Alberta’s agriculture industry to benefit all commodities.
“We see a tremendous amount of value in the Federal Government’s APP program as a cash flow management tool and we look forward delivering FarmCash to serve farmers’ needs through a fully transparent financial model,” Bender added.
Farmers may also apply by downloading the complete form and emailing it to, by speaking to a FarmCash representative at 1-855-376-2274, by faxing it to 403-717-1966, or by mail or in person at AWC’s Calgary office.
With the first iteration of the website now open for business, AWC’s next step is to continue improving the online process by introducing new time-saving features to be ready in time for the Spring advance.
Visit to learn more about the program and to apply for the fall advance.
Source : Alberta Wheat Commission

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