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FarmCash Payments Program Expands To Other Province's

The Alberta Wheat Commission's FarmCash Advance Payments Program is expanding.
The program will now be available to producers in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia starting in mid-March.
FarmCash has been providing producers in Alberta another competitve option to manage cash flow focusing on over 50 agricultural commodities from all major crops, livestock and honey.
FarmCash provides producers up to $1 million with the first $100,000 interest free and the remainder at a low interest rate.
Producers across Western Canada can access and begin submitting their online applications as early as March 15th with the spring advances set to start rolling out on April 1st.
The program's online application process provides producers access to funds in as little as three to five business days based on a completed application.
The FarmCash Advance Payments Program is a Federal Loan program administered by the Alberta Wheat Commission offering farmers marketing flexibility through interest-free and low interest cash advance
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