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Farmers In The Lower Mainland May Have To Wait Months Before Returning

There are many farmers in the Fraser Valley between the cities of Abbotsford and Chilliwack who believe it will be months before they can set foot on their farms again.

Many were flooded by more than a metre of water as a result of a huge storm on the west coast about a week ago. Although some farmers managed to get horses and cows to higher ground, it's believed at least a thousand animals died in the flooding. There are also many chicken farms in the area and some of those farmers were forced to abandon them. Several that weren't flooded were quickly running out of feed because of washed out highways.

This past weekend, the situation was beginning to improve. The Fraser River started receding and some traffic was moving again between Hope and the Okanagan.

Alberta is helping out our neighbors to the west. Late last week, Premier Jason Kenney said he had a phone call with his BC counterpart, John Horgan and they discussed various ways our province could help producers in the Fraser Valley, including setting up veterinary lab services.

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