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Farmers Looking To Resume Corn Harvest

Farmers have been slowly getting back into the grain corn harvest this week.
Morgan Cott is an agronomist with the Manitoba Corn Growers Association.
"If they can get out there and get some work done then by all means they're going to do it because the corn just basically is not going to be drying very fast right now, so if you can get some done now and slowly plug away at it, then I don't think that there's too much harm in doing that rather than waiting a month."
Cott says the corn crop seemed to have escaped the brunt of the winter storm.
"Just from what I'm seeing in the last few days, it hasn't done as much damage to the actual plants by pushing them over or making anything drop that shouldn't drop," she commented. "I think it's mostly just the tops of the plants that are infected. Aside from being in a lot of moisture."
Cott says there is reports of mold in the corn but some of that is not particularly harmful to the plant. She notes the concern now is that mold will spread with the high degree of moisture in the fields and air.
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