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Farmers Looking To Wrap Up Foodgrains Bank Harvest

It's been a slow harvest for farmers involved with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.
Gordon Janzen is the representative for Manitoba.
"It's still a little bit hard to gather the community together when it's colder," he said. "It's been nicer to have a community harvest event when it's warmer. But the farmers are still getting together and doing the harvest collectively."
Janzen says the last remaining soybean fields are now coming off.
"We've had quite a slow down during September and October with the very wet conditions but there were at least half a dozen growing projects that had soybeans that were left out there and finally a couple of them are getting that off now."
He adds funds raised this year could be down from previous years.
"I don't think it will be a record year. It won't be at the top. I think some of the early harvest with the cereals seem to be OK. I think it may even out although we're going to have to wait until the end of the year to actually see what comes in."
Janzen says he's been hearing that the quality of the soybeans is look alright although yields may be down in some fields.
The Canadian Foodgrains Bank is hosting appreciation suppers for supporters November 18 in Starbuck (Starbuck Hall) and November 20 in Brandon (McDiarmid Alliance Church). Both events start at 6:30pm.
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