Home   News Welcomes Seven Saskatchewan Dealers Online Welcomes Seven Saskatchewan Dealers Online is pleased to welcome the following Saskatchewan Dealers onto the website.  These dealers are advertisers with Farm Press.   Each Saskatchewan dealer already has a large number of used equipment listings on the website.

As farmers plan their planting for the spring, they are often interested in acquiring key pieces of used farm equipment to assist them to better execute their plan.   Farmers in Saskatchewan can choose to search by category and/or location, to find the piece of used farm equipment that best meets their needs.   Farmers can also download the Used Farm Equipment app from Google Play or iTunes.  The app allows users to easily search for equipment from their smart phone. 

More Saskatchewan used farm equipment listings and more Saskatchewan farm equipment dealers are being added each week onto the website. 

Farm Press  and recently signed an agreement to introduce the digital offerings of to all farm equipment dealers in the Farm Press sales territories in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Northern BC.

Dealers interested in having their used farm equipment inventory listed on, should contact

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