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Federal ‘climate action’ grants are a huge hit with Alberta producers

Alberta farmers love Ottawa’s “climate action” program so much that applications have been paused until late summer.

“It’s a pretty lucrative program and people were actually aware of it this year,” said Johanna Murray, extension coordinator with Peace Country Beef and Forage Association.

“There were people who didn’t get around to applying last year because the advertising wasn’t as good as it could be, and they couldn’t get on it too quick.”

“I’m not surprised the program is closing early,” added Sonja Bloom, environmental coordinator with the Foothills Forage and Grazing Association. “I know it was quite popular when it opened.”

Those two farmer-led research groups and their sister organizations have been putting on workshops and webinars to help farmers tap into the On-Farm Climate Action Fund. It covers 85 per cent of the cost (up to $75,000 per farm) for projects to implement rotational grazing, cover cropping or more efficient use of nitrogen fertilizer.

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