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Swine genetics companies stand together as AcuFast

Swine genetics companies stand together as AcuFast

Acuity and Fast Genetics partner to create a joint brand.

By Andrew Joseph,; Image of the AcuFast Vantage maternal genetic line.

Acuity and Fast Genetics, two swine genetics companies wholly owned by STgenetics, have partnered and created a new joint brand business, AcuFast.

STgenetics entered the swine genetics business when it purchased Fast Genetics in 2015 from HyLife, a Canadian-based pork producer and processor. STgenetics recently expanded its swine enterprise by purchasing Acuity in February 2022 from the Maschhoffs, a large family-owned pork producer based in the US.

Since the purchase of Acuity, the companies have worked to determine how to best combine their teams, infrastructure, products, and resources. As a result, the coalition has introduced a new infrastructure that allows for a greater product offering, a superior technology platform, and a combined technical solutions team that will better enable AcuFast’s partners to succeed.

The name AcuFast represents what they will deliver to the industry; the name combines the words “accuracy” and “fast”, two key components of the genetic improvement equation. The name was also selected to encompass the legacy of both brands: “Acu” for acuity, meaning sharpness of thought, and “Fast” to pay homage to the 41-year-old business founded by Dr. Harold Fast.

The successful combining of these companies was made possible through the leadership of Dr. Gregg BeVier, the previous Chief Executive Officer of Fast Genetics, and the current Chief Operating Officer of STgenetics.

AcuFast is now led by Francisco Bobadilla, the Executive Vice President and Head of AcuFast and Genetic Visions. The senior leadership remains the same: Shannon Meyers, Vice President of Operations and Customer Success, and Dr. Clint Schwab, Vice President of Technology and Customer Success.

AcuFast is structured to transform the pork industry and enable its partners to succeed.

“Through empowering people and integrating proprietary technology, we deliver realized value to pork producers and contribute to a thriving and sustainable future,” Bobadilla said. “AcuFast continues to work closely with its parent company, STgenetics, combining its resources to offer an integrated and differentiated approach to customer success.“

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