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Federal Government’s 2020 Fall Statement Includes Focus On Prairie Farms And Grasslands

The Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association (MFGA) is optimistic about what was presented in the federal government's 2020 Fall Statement.
“Without knowing too many details about delivery, we interpret this announcement as a show of support and reinforcement for some of the work we have been doing as producers on our grasslands via the farming systems that we utilize on our farms to increase soil health, which is the ultimate driver of carbon sequestration,” said Larry Wegner, MFGA Chair. “Also, our collective MFGA engagement of regenerative agriculture practices as well as beneficial management practices as an organization and producer-based network has consistently shown us the benefits of working with nature on our farms from both an environmental and economic perspective. This announcement fits nicely with our approach.”
In a news release, MFGA says Environment Climate Change Canada (ECCC) also figured prominently into that NBCS area of the Statement to restore degraded ecosystems, protect wildlife, and improve land and resource management practices.
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