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Fertility Calculator for Ohio Recommendation

By Greg LaBarge and CPAg/CCA

A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet has been developed to support nutrient management education programs provided by Ohio State University Extension and for users who want to generate their own recommendation or compare recommendations provided to them to the Tri-Statlfa,e Fertilizer Recommendations for Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, and Alfa 2020. The spreadsheet is designed to be compatible with Excel version, Excel 1997-2003 or later.

The tool generates recommendations for the following crops:

  1. Corn
  2. Corn-Silage
  3. Soybeans
  4. Wheat (Grain Only)
  5. Wheat (Grain & Straw)
  6. Alfalfa
  7. Grass Hay
  8. Grass/Legume Hay

Overview of spreadsheet features:

  • There are 21 data lines.
  • Data can be copied from another spreadsheet or within the spreadsheet
  • User controls whether recommendations are build/maintenance or maintenance only for phosphorus (P) & potassium (K) recommendations.
  • User can select when a field the critical level used for corn/soybean rotations or wheat, alfalfa, or grass legume hay for  P recommendations.
  • Can select a shorter or longer buildup period than standard 4 year for P & K.
  • P & K recommendations are displayed with buildup and maintenance requirements separately.
  • Total fertility need can be determined for a 1-, 2- or 3-year application on P & K Recommendation page.
  • Lime recommendations are developed using target final soil pH and tillage depth.
  • User can compare cost of two lime sources on lime recommendation page.
  • User can determine total cost of P & K fertilizer needed to meet the nutrient recommendation.
  • User can determine total cost of Lime needed in the recommendation developed.
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