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Finding the Latest in Weed Science Research

By Dwight Lingenfelter

Weedy soybean field.

Weedy soybean field.

Now that the weather is turning colder, it is time to reflect on some of the happenings in weed science research across the United States and around the world. Every so often we try to write about the latest finding on interesting weed management topics such as weed electrocution (e.g., The Weed Zapper™), harvest time seed destroyers, (e.g., Harrington Seed Destructor - HSD), weed seeds in combines, precision sprayers, robotic weeders, cover cropping, and others. We sometimes get asked about where to find up-to-date information about these various topics and often refer them to some common online resources. There are numerous sites to find information, but three very useful ones are:

  • GROW, which stands for Getting Rid Of Weeds – through Integrated Weed Management, is a useful site with many interesting updates and short videos on a variety of topics. GROW provides information on herbicide resistance, optimizing herbicide use, equipment settings and improvements, cover crops, increased crop competition, harvest weed seed control, and more.
  • WSSA (i.e., Weed Science Society of America) is a non-profit professional society, promotes research, education, and extension outreach activities related to weeds; provides science-based information to the public and policy makers; and fosters awareness of weeds and their impacts on managed and natural ecosystems. There is a plethora of information and many links to other resources on this website.
  • The Take Action website is a great resource to get information about pesticide resistance and what steps to consider when managing it. The site provides detailed information on herbicide, fungicide, and insecticide resistance issues. The site has mode of action charts, pest ID resources, downloadable apps, and other practical tools to use in the field.

If you have some downtime this winter, consider perusing some of these online resources. They can definitely provide some valuable insight and maybe some different perspectives on your quest to combat weeds.

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