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First Frost Aids Crop Dry-Down

For the week ending October 18, 2015, above normal temperatures combined with no precipitation provided good harvest conditions, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. While temperatures averaged two to six degrees above normal, the first frost of the season was noted in western counties which aided crop dry-down. Cattle producers started to move livestock from grass to available stalk fields. There were 6.9 days suitable for fieldwork. Topsoil moisture supplies rated 8 percent very short, 33 short, 58 adequate, and 1 surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 6 percent very short, 29 short, 64 adequate, and 1 surplus.
Corn condition rated 1 percent very poor, 5 poor, 18 fair, 55 good, and 21 excellent. Corn mature was at 97 percent, near 93 last year and 95 for the five-year average. Harvested was at 40 percent, ahead of 27 last year, but behind 46 average.
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