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Food Day Canada is Coming August 1

Throughout the ongoing pandemic, food has been a front and centre issue,maybe more than anything else.
Following that weird toilet paper hoarding incident at the beginning, empty shelves started appearing at many stores, but where quickly filled and any concerns over food shortages were quickly put to rest. Now, Canadians are invited to come together to enjoy our food and give thanks to the people who make it happen. Anita Stewart is with Food Day Canada, coming up August 1st. It's really been around since the BSE crisis of 2003 and has progressed from there as a celebration of Canadian food.  "It continued on as 'The World's Longest BBQ' right up until 2010," comments Stewart.  "We looked at what was happening and it was clear that is when Canadians were actually celebrating with local food because the harvest was in, no matter where you were.  This where it really began, a decade ago, now we're 10 years old."
Food Day Canada can be celebrated how ever you would like to according to Stewart.  "If you are anywhere, everywhere, backyard BBQ's, or picnics, or potlucks, or kitchen tables, or in restaurants, just enjoy Canadian grown, Canadian made food and drink and hashtag #fooddaycanada."  There is also some incentive provided by Kitchen Aid Canada as for all that post with the hashtag on August 1, they will be entered in for a draw for one of 10 stand up mixers.  
With the focus on local food due to the coronavirus pandemic, Stewart believes Canadians appreciate local food more now than before.  "It was one bright spot in this whole mess that really is sweeping across the country and continues to, is the fact that we realize that we have a really good food system and that it actually works.  We need to honour our farmers, our fisheries, and our processors."
Make sure to celebrate Food Day Canada by sharing your pictures of enjoying food made here in Canada by using #fooddaycanada on August 1.
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