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Food Industry Better Prepared For Second Lockdown

Many Canadians are going through a second lockdown.
Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, Food Professor at Dalhousie University, believes things will be different this time around.
"Conditions are very different compared to last March and April. On the one side, of course, you have a very different consumer. The consumers walking into a grocery store will know that they can actually go back a couple of days later or a week later. Back in March, there were a lot of unknowns related to the virus. How public health officials would manage the pandemic."
He notes more people are buying food online.
"In fact, we actually believe that 4.2 million Canadians are actually buying food online at least once a week right now. After the pandemic, almost half of Canadians are planning to buy food online at least once a week. That's a lot of people, a lot of traffic and you can see that the food industry is getting ready for that."
Dr. Charlebois talked about how restaurants are handling the second lockdown.
"Back in March, restaurants weren't necessarily ready to support retail collapse, they couldn't accommodate anybody in their dining. They did not pivot. Now they have pivoted and a lot of them can actually continue to operate, which is really good news. It will actually lessen the pressure retailers have to handle."
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