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Foothills NDP Candidate Says Ag Priority's Taking Care Of Farmers

The countdown is on with less than a week of campaigning left until the Federal Election.
Foothills New Democratic Party Candidate, Mickail Hendi, says their priority on the agriculture file will be taking care of farmers with their boots on the ground.
"We will be securing payment protection for produce growers. This way even if trade deals overseas don't end up going the way that farmers want to, they can still make sure that they have a bite to eat at home."
Hendi says he imagines this payment protection will apply to other agriculture commodities as well.
If elected, he says the party also wants to help address the labour shortage seen in the industry by supporting young people and women in the sector.
Hendi says the supports would be for people breaking into the industry hoping to make a living off of farming.
"We plan on putting some financial supports and maybe educational supports in place as well for them," he explains.
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