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Future Uncertain For Open Farm Day, 2020 Event Cancelled

The Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies has pulled the plug on the 2020 edition of Open Farm Day.
The event usually takes place in September and allows families to get an up-close and personal look at how food gets from farm to table.
Executive Director Marlene Baskerville says they cancelled the event for the health and safety of the farm sites.
"Most of our work is done in early April and May, in getting the host sites online. Right now, we would be doing the push for the general population to participate. We couldn't guarantee the whole pandemic would be over before September."
Last year's edition of Open Farm Days signified the 10th anniversary of the program. The 2019 event set records for the number of host sites open and people who participated.
Baskerville says they're saddened by the decision.
"We're looking at a bigger picture than just our program. We're looking at the safety of people. In March, we couldn't guarantee that everything would be back to what we call normal, and people would be able to move around as they have done in the past."
Last year 55 sites were open across the province.
Baskerville says the future is uncertain.
"We will be sitting down with the Department of Agriculture and Resource Development to see what is the best way to move forwards with this event in the upcoming years. They are one of their major funders. We have to work with them in terms of how this might look and how we can bring it back to where people can enjoy getting out and seeing how their food is produced."
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