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Gladstone Youth Wins Farm Safety Drawing Contest

SAFE Work Manitoba and the Manitoba Farm Safety Program have announced that Dylan Kinley from Gladstone, Manitoba has been selected as this year's winner of the Farm Safety Drawing Contest for his drawing depicting safety around farm storage equipment.
"Dylan's picture helps build awareness for children and adults alike about hazards on the farm, particularly grain safety - a hazard that too often results in farm tragedies," said Jamie Hall, Chief Operating Officer, SAFE Work Manitoba.
Each year, children between the ages of six and 12 are encouraged to submit drawings that show how to find a safer way when faced with one of four common hazards on the farm: livestock, grain, farm equipment and chemicals.
For having his entry selected from a random draw of all submissions, Dylan will receive an iPad, and will have his drawing featured in the 2021 Farm Safety calendar.
"SAFE Work Manitoba would again like to thank Manitoba's teachers and all those in our schools who are helping increase children's awareness about safety on the farm through their participation in the farm safety drawing contest," added Hall.
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