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Global Demand for Meat Increases Corn Demand

Global Demand for Meat Increases Corn Demand

By Dan Obert

Pork exports are expected to rival poultry exports by 2021, providing Illinois corn farmers with an opportunity for increased demand.  

In fact, U.S. farmers exported 27 percent of the hogs raised in 2019 and 2020 is on pace for a record-setting year. Some of this growth is due to Illinois corn checkoff investments, allowing partner organizations like the United States Meat Export Federation (USMEF) to build relationships and driving global meat demand.
Illinois Corn Director of Exports and Logistics Collin Watters said, “This is a really good example of the checkoff working for corn farmers. By working with global partners, we’re finding opportunities for corn consumption any way that we can. Often in ways you might not think of every day.”

The demand for meat continues to grow globally.
USMEF works to develop meat markets across the world. The importance of these markets can be seen by the monetary value it contributes to each bushel of corn sold. Red meat exports contribute $0.46/bushel specifically to Illinois corn farmers.  
The increase of pork exports is largely in part to consistent long-term markets like Japan and Mexico, while also seeing increasing demand from China and other areas impacted by African Swine Fever.

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