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Greenfield Global Welcomes Ontario Government’s Support of Ethanol

Toronto, ON  — Greenfield Global Inc., Ontario’s first and Canada’s largest ethanol producer, applauds the Ontario government’s decision to increase ethanol blending in the province. The changes to the existing regulation will require gasoline suppliers to maintain an average of 10% renewable content (e.g., ethanol) in regular gasoline each calendar year, starting in 2020.

Nationwide, governments are contemplating policies towards limiting pollution and putting a price on carbon. A successful transition to low carbon transportation requires cleaner fuels that allow vehicles to operate efficiently, are affordable for consumers, and reduce greenhouse gases. Ethanol is a viable, obvious solution.

“Ethanol is the lowest cost, greenest source of octane for gasoline. Therefore, incorporating more ethanol into the gasoline supply must be part of any long-term, sustainable plan for greenhouse gas reduction,” said Greenfield Global President and CEO Howard Field. “Ontario continues to be a leader in cleaner, renewable fuels. The move to 10% ethanol will lower gasoline prices for consumers, encourage emerging low carbon fuel technologies, and give a lift to rural Ontario communities whose farmers supply corn as a feedstock. It’s imperative that other jurisdictions, across Canada, follow Ontario’s lead when considering their fuel standards.”

The changes fulfill a commitment outlined in Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) to provide both funding to fuel distributors for high-blend sustainable biofuels and infrastructure upgrades to increase the availability and use of lower-carbon fuels. Ten percent (10%) ethanol in regular grade gasoline is consistent with current market practice and compatible with the existing vehicle fleet.

Source : Greenfield Global