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Harvest more than two-thirds done in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan’s harvest is rolling right along.

The Ministry of Agriculture’s weekly crop report said 68 per cent of this year’s crop was in the bin as of Monday, up from 51 per cent last week. The five-year average for this time of year is 52 per cent, while the 10-year average is 48 per cent.

Farmers in the southwestern part of the province had 93 per cent done harvest as of Monday, with those in the west-central region close behind at 78 per cent. Harvest was more than half finished in the east-central (54 per cent) and northeast (55 per cent) areas of Saskatchewan, while farmers in the northwest were up to 39 per cent.

The harvest of field peas and lentils was nearly done, with 96 per cent of each of those crops in the bin. Among spring-seeded cereals, 88 per cent of durum crops had been combined, followed by barley (86 per cent), spring wheat (75 per cent) and oats (58 per cent).

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