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Heat, Low Moisture Leading To Premature Harvest For Some Farmers

The combination of heat and little moisture has some farmers taking their crops off prematurely, according to Winkler-area farmer Jack Froese.
He has begun swathing canola already because of early ripening.
"We're not sure how good it will have filled in the end here. The seed size might be a little smaller which always impacts yield, but generally the crop did look pretty decent," Froese said.
While earlier planted crops may have had sufficient precipitation, many farms are struggling with low moisture levels.
"The soybeans and dry beans and corn desperately need rain; it's really dry, and the subsoil is totally deficient and the topsoil by now, as well," he said. "If you look at the stems on the corn ... a lot of them are starting to turn colour and it's very premature."
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