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Helping Ontario's Meat Processors Succeed

WOODSTOCK - The Ontario government announced a new collaboration with the meat processing sector to continue to increase food safety in the province while supporting economic growth opportunities.
Today, Ernie Hardeman, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and Carol Goriup, President - Meat & Poultry Ontario launched the new Meat Industry Engagement Panel and kicked off their inaugural meeting.
The Meat Industry Engagement Panel provides a forum for industry representatives to engage with Ministry leadership and staff. It is composed of ministry, Meat & Poultry Ontario (formerly known as Ontario Independent Meat Processors) and meat plant operator representatives.
"This panel's industry experts will bring their advice and insight on ways we can continue to increase food safety in Ontario as well as grow the sector," said Hardeman. "This important relationship between the meat processing industry and our government is another example of our constant drive for higher food safety standards and our commitment to creating an environment where businesses can grow and succeed."
"Meat & Poultry Ontario is committed to promoting best practices to ensure safe, nutritious and sustainable food for Ontarians," said Carol Goriup, President - Meat & Poultry Ontario. "The Meat Industry Engagement Panel will enable us to provide insights to government and help improve programs to be science-informed, risk-based and outcome focused."
Through their meetings, panel members will share ideas and collaborate on ways to address industry challenges. Topics will include an opportunity to discuss proposed government policies, guidelines and other inspection modernization initiatives which will provide greater transparency in the science-informed, risk-based, decision-making processes.
"During roundtable discussions earlier this year, I heard we need to bring meat industry members together more often to discuss concerns and find solutions to help grow the sector," said Hardeman. "I look forward to hearing about the work of the panel as we continue to uphold our high food safety and animal welfare standards and grow the economy at the same time."
Source : Ontario