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Highlighting John Deere Announcements from Throughout 2020

Highlighting John Deere Announcements from Throughout 2020

Since John Deere himself introduced the steel plow in 1837, the company has not slowed down in its quest to deliver its customers top-of-the-line equipment that is designed to make their lives easier. From combines to lawn tractors and everything in between, John Deere knows that quality equipment is the key to success in both small-scale and commercial operations. However, throughout the years, John Deere has not only proven itself to be a leader in innovation, but also one in sustainability and philanthropy. And despite the year posing several challenges, 2020 was no exception in this strive towards excellence.

John Deere Announcements from Throughout the Year

Throughout 2020, John Deere has proven time and again that its customers come first. Whether the company was developing new equipment or launching creative initiatives, it did so with the level of quality and tenacity that customers around the world have come to expect. Let’s take a closer look at the latest events that have helped contribute to the global success of John Deere.

John Deere Technology and Equipment Releases

John Deere is known for its ability to design equipment that changes the way its customers work. By both updating legacy equipment and introducing new pieces of machinery and technology on a regular basis, the company has been able to cement its high standing across industries. Because of this, customers have come to expect new releases that will undoubtedly make their lives easier. Whether somebody is tackling yard work or large-scale construction jobs, Deere recognizes that everybody deserves to have reliable machinery on their side.

Below are just some of the new releases from John Deere that left customers wanting to try the equipment out for themselves.  

John Deere Triplex Mowers

At the start of 2020, John Deere announced that it would be rolling out three new triplex mowers in the spring; this included the 2400 PrecisionCut™, 2550 PrecisionCut, and the 2550 E-Cut™ Hybrid mowers. These machines, which were specifically designed for golf course maintenance, would feature offset cutting units and right-hand Command Arm-mounted controls for ease of use throughout the workday.

John Deere AutoTrac Controller 300

Customers who want the benefits of AutoTrac™ guidance with their machine were excited to learn in March 2020 that John Deere would be introducing its new AutoTrac Controller 300 offering. This after-market steering kit would not impact operator ergonomics, nor would it require steering wheel modifications. Instead, it would be customizable to different types, ages, and brands of ag machines, all while providing the benefits of AutoTrac precision guidance. In addition to these customizable features, the initial announcement also noted that this kit would be simple to install and calibrate, and that owner maintenance would be a breeze, putting a nice bow on an already exciting prospect.

John Deere X Series

In June 2020, John Deere announced that it would be adding two new models of X Series Combines to its 2021 harvesting lineup to meet the needs of large-scale producers. The new X9 1000 and X9 1100 Combines would not only increase harvesting performance but also simplify tasks during the workday thanks to their ability to thresh, separate, and clean more bushels per hour, regardless of the conditions. This means less downtime and more productivity for customers everywhere.

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