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Honoring legends at cattle Feeders Hall of Fame 2024

On February 1st, the 15th annual Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame banquet will be the hot ticket for anyone in the cattle industry, taking place during CattleCon24 in Orlando. This event is a cornerstone celebration of excellence within cattle feeding, honoring those who have carved significant paths for the industry. 

The hall welcomes two new members this year: the innovative Dr. Kee Jim and the pioneering Dr. Jack Reeve, who have each left an indelible legacy. Dr. Jim's forward-thinking approach to animal health and Dr. Reeve's visionary leadership are the cornerstones of their Hall of Fame-worthy careers. 

In a nod to ongoing leadership, Dr. Delbert Miles receives accolades for his authoritative research and veterinary care, reinforcing the industry's commitment to continual improvement and expertise. Adding to the evening’s highlights is Greg Wolfe's reception of the Distinguished Service Award, recognizing his unwavering commitment to the industry. 

CattleCon24 is more than just a convention; it’s a mega-event that amalgamates learning, celebration, and the exchange of ideas. The banquet serves as a beacon of inspiration for cattle feeders and a reminder of the collective progress achievable through passion and hard work. 

The event is also a fundraiser, with proceeds supporting the Hall of Fame’s mission to document and archive the legacy of great minds in cattle feeding. It's an opportunity for attendees to delve into rich discussions, engage with industry innovations, and celebrate the triumphs of their colleagues. 

As educational as it is motivational, the Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame banquet is a momentous occasion, marking the achievements of those who've helped shape the industry. It's a gathering that offers insight into the lives of those who've led by example and laid the foundations for the next wave of industry revolutionaries. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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