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How Drones are Paving a Path to a More Resilient Future

In recent years, the increasing frequency and severity of wildfires and extreme weather events have posed significant challenges for both wildfire mitigation efforts and the agricultural industry. However, innovative technologies such as drones are emerging as powerful tools in addressing these challenges.

On the Nov. 1 episode of Seed Speaks, Draganfly CEO Cameron Chell and Corteva Agriscience Field Modernization Scientist Kevin Falk shared their insights on how drones are revolutionizing wildfire detection and mitigation and revolutionizing agriculture in the face of climate change.

Drones in Wildfire Mitigation

Draganfly, a Saskatoon, Sask.-based company, was recently awarded a multi-year wildfire mitigation services contract to deploy specialized technology and drone pilot crews to detect and map wildfires and hotspots across British Columbia. There’s also a huge amount of interest from United States officials in Draganfly’s technology.

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