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How to Make Sure You Get Paid for Your Grain
Delivering grain soon? Reduce your risk of not getting paid by following these recommendations. 
Before you make a grain delivery, make sure you're delivering grain to a company licensed by the Canadian Grain Commission. As part of its mandate to work in the interests of grain producers, the Canadian Grain Commission requires licensed grain companies to provide security to cover money owed to producers for grain deliveries. Unregulated grains and deliveries of any grain to unlicensed grain companies aren't eligible for compensation in the event that payment terms are not met. 
When you make your delivery, get a primary elevator receipt, grain receipt or cash purchase ticket that identifies the grain, grade, weight, price and date of delivery. Scale tickets are not accepted for compensation claims. 
Make sure you ask to be paid for your grain right away. The sooner you ask to be paid, the lower your risk of payment loss. When delivering multiple loads of grain to one company, it's a good idea to ask for payment after each load or every few loads. Wait until the cheque clears before you deliver another load. 
If a licensed company refuses to pay you for your grain, stalls on payment, or a financial institution denies payment on your cash purchase ticket or cheque, don't make any further grain deliveries and contact the Canadian Grain Commission. 
"Grain producers should contact the Canadian Grain Commission immediately if they experience any trouble or delays getting paid. Waiting too long could put your eligibility for compensation at risk."
Patti Miller, 
Chief Commissioner, Canadian Grain Commission 
Quick facts 
The Payment Protection Program applies to eligible grain deliveries to licensed primary elevators, process elevators and grain dealers 
Over 140 grain companies are currently licensed by the Canadian Grain Commission 
As of October 1, 2017, licensed grain companies operate over 400 facilities 
If a licensed grain company is unable or unwilling to pay you, you have the right to submit a claim for compensation paid out from security held by the Canadian Grain Commission
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Canadian Grain Commission 
The Canadian Grain Commission is the federal agency responsible for establishing and maintaining Canada's grain quality standards. Its programs result in shipments of grain that consistently meet contract specifications for quality, safety and quantity. The Canadian Grain Commission regulates the grain industry to protect producers' rights and ensure the integrity of grain transactions.