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Hypor first to market with Genomic Selection

Hypor today announced its first-to-market full Genomic Selection breeding program that enhances accuracy in genetic selection for pig breeding. Having been an industry “hot topic” for some time now, Hypor is pleased to say the talking is over and can now routinely offer customers breeding stock selected on Genomic Breeding Values.
In close cooperation with the Hendrix Genetics Research & Technology Centre, Hypor has successfully implemented Genomic Selection into their breeding program. Benny van Haandel, Director of Research & Development (R&D) at Hypor, states “Genomic Selection gives us the ability to predict with far greater accuracy what the genes of each pig are and what they are worth for our breeding programs. We can now offer accelerated genetic progress as a result.”
Hypor has been collecting DNA samples from pigs in their nucleus farms for the past several years. Routine sampling, shipping and processing of samples has been set up and professionalized. Now, all samples of the different nucleus farms around the world are shipped and processed centrally within Hendrix Genetics in Ploufragran, France. Gerard Albers, Director of the Research & Technology Centre, outlines that “this is a valuable asset to the breeding programs of Hendrix Genetics and truly a one of its kind in this industry. What’s more this is opening doors in to future developments. For Hypor, and Hendrix Genetics, we are thoroughly excited to see what we can bring to the market next.”


Hypor is one of the world's leading suppliers of swine genetics. Committed to providing superior genetics, that support profitability in the pork value chain. With its head office located in Boxmeer, the Netherlands, the company has strategically located and interconnected breeding centers in North America, Europe and Asia.
Hypor is part of Hendrix Genetics, headquartered in Boxmeer, the Netherlands-EU, a leading multispecies breeding company, with 5 divisions: layer breeding (Institut de Sélection Animale-ISA), pig breeding (HYPOR), turkey breeding (HYBRID), aquaculture breeding (LANDCATCH NATURAL SELECTION), poultry distribution (GRELIER DISTRIBUTION), with the European distribution companies GRELIER, GRELAVI, GRELEGER, SFPA, INTEGRA, JOICE AND HILL, STVO and ALS. The company is dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable genetic solutions to the animal protein sector. Hendrix Genetics is the yield enabler of the global animal protein sector in more than 100 countries, with wholly owned operations and joint ventures in 24 countries with more than 2.400 employees.  
For more information, please contact:
Benny van Haandel
Director R&D
Hypor B.V. - A Hendrix-Genetics company
Tel: +31 485 801 951

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