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Important Crop Insurance Deadline Near For New Mexico, Oklahoma And Texas Producers

The USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA) reminds producers in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas , that the y need to have their Highly Erodible Conservation and Wetlan d Conservation Certification for m ( AD - 1026 ) on file with their local USDA service center by June 1, 2015 . The 2014 Farm Bill required all producers have the form on file by the June 1 deadline to become or remain eligible for crop insurance premium support.

“Most producers already have a certification form on file, however, some who are new to crop insurance or who may not participate in other USDA programs may not be aware that they need to do t his,” said Grant James, a cting d irector of the Oklahoma City R egional O ffice . “ We have taken many steps to broaden participation in the crop insurance program as part of the farm safety net, including offering new policies such as th e Whole - Farm Revenue P rotection in New Mexico , Pasture Rangeland Forage protection, and ex tending organic price elections to many new crops.”

Producers should visit their local USDA service center and talk with their crop insurance agent before the June 1, 2015, deadline to ask questions, get additional information or learn more about conservation compliance procedures. Producers who file their form by the deadline will be eligible for federal crop insurance premium support during the 2016 reinsurance year, which begins July, 1, 2015.

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