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Important message for growers - responsibilities to protect workers

While we wait more details from the Federal government regarding travel restriction exemptions and arriving workers under SAWP and TFWP, it is critical that all growers take immediate steps to ensure our current workforce is supported and protected and are prepared for when workers begin to arrive. It is imperative that we take measures to ensure ALL risks to the Canadian public are limited and all growers take actions to mitigate any negative public perception about the arrival of workers. 
The government has indicated that growing food has been deemed an essential service – it is now our job to ensure that we can carry out this important task in the most responsible way possible under the current circumstances.
Biosecurity protocols for both human and plant viruses should be strictly enforced. As recommended for all members of the public, all non-essential travel of your employees and non-essential visits from suppliers, vendors etc. should be halted. You can facilitate this as much as possible by providing on-farm services for your employees. 
Note that details of the isolation protocol for workers that are intended to arrive after the exemption to the travel restrictions has yet to be finalized.
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