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Inoculating soybeans every year promotes increased nitrogen uptake for a successful crop

Nov 22, 2016
By Library Soybean

Inoculating soybeans every year promotes increased nitrogen uptake for a successful crop 

Growing a strong, successful soybean crop requires large amounts of nitrogen. Soybeans receive nitrogen either through nitrogen fertilizers or rhizobia—tiny living organisms.

Rhizobia are soil bacteria that form nodules on a plant’s roots. The bacteria convert atmospheric nitrogen into ammonium, a form of nitrogen that can be used by the plant. Rhizobia provide the plant with necessary nutrients, promoting plant health and increasing yield potential.

To ensure that soybeans get the nitrogen they need, seed companies use soybean inoculants that contain rhizobia to increase nitrogen fixing.

As market prices rise, growers need to make sure they get the most for their soybeans. One option growers have is Nodulator PRO + Integral. Nodulator PRO is a professionally applied pre-inoculant that maximizes nodulation. Integral is a biofungicide with the Bacillus subtilis bacteria that suppresses seedling diseases.

Mike Verhoef is a National Seed Accounts Manager with BASF Canada. He highlights that Nodulator PRO’s low use rate of application makes it easy to handle. “With its low use rate of application, we refer to Nodulator PRO as ULV, ultra-low volume. For processors, it’s easy to use. There’s no bridging or sticking, and there’s an excellent flow through the equipment,” he said. “Overall, it’s great for both the seed company and the grower.”

Verhoef also notes that having an inoculant with two beneficial biologicals can lead to a successful crop. “Nodulator PRO is a biostacked product, which makes it very unique in the marketplace. Not only does it have the rhizobia that the soybeans need, it’s biostacked with our Integral product as well. Integral is a product that provides root disease suppression for a number of key root diseases. It also allows the plant to achieve a greater and quicker root development, which is seen above ground in foliage. The greater root development can also turn into a greater yield. Another notable feature of Integral is that it’s a PMRA-registered biofungicide,” he said.

Field research shows that applying the two beneficial biologicals in the Nodulator PRO + Integral system results in up to six percent more yield than the competitor. Being aware of the benefits of inoculants can ensure growers get the right inoculant for their soybeans, which can lead to a successful crop.

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