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IP Soybeans have a new solution to combat Eastern Black Nightshade

Nov 22, 2016
By Library Soybean
Assistant Editor, North American Content,

IP Soybeans have a new solution to combat Eastern Black Nightshade.

FMC of Canada is pleased to announce a new expanded label for Authority 480 herbicide. The new label features more registered weeds and additional crops. The weeds include eastern black nightshade, a particularly troublesome weed for identity preserved (IP) soybeans, and common waterhemp the newest glyphosate resistant weed in eastern Canada. In all there are 13 weeds on the new expanded label, such as: redroot pigweed, lamb’s-quarters, wild buckwheat, eastern black nightshade, common waterhemp, yellow woodsorrel, common groundsel, cleavers (suppression), Powell pigweed and common purslane.
Authority offers a new group 14 weed control option for group 2 and glyphosate resistant weeds. Since 2013, Authority and its active ingredient sulfentrazone have grown to be the number one residual pre-emergent broadleaf weed herbicide for soybeans in the United States.
“Adding additional weeds to the Authority label is important news for eastern soybean growers looking to combat tough broadleaf weeds.” Says Wayne Myers, Eastern Business Manager for FMC of Canada.” Many growers gained experience with Authority 480 herbicide in 2016. It was introduced to the eastern IP soybean market during the growing season capturing a 15% market share.”
Several new specialty horticulture crops have also been added to the Authority Herbicide label, such as Chickpeas, Field Pea, Flax, Sunflowers, Tame Mustard, Asparagus, Faba Bean, Mint, Strawberry, Horseradish, Brassica, Head and Stem (Crop Group 5-13), Brassica, Leafy Greens (Crop Sub-Group 4-13b), Fruiting Vegetables (Crop Group 8-09) (Transplants only), Tree Nuts (Crop Group 14), Grapes and Berries (Crop Group 13-07, includes Blueberries) and Apples
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