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It's Time To Thank A Farmer!

Today is Canada's Agriculture Day!
Marty Seymour is the Director of Industry Relations with Farm Credit Canada and says today’s a great day to celebrate Agriculture.
“At its core, if you eat Canadian Food, you should feel proud. Canadian food is safe and healthy and if it’s in the store and says made in this country, I think you should have a sense of pride as a consumer. Certainly, as an industry we're proud of what we do I don't think you have to tell anybody that.”
Seymour says it’s a social media day; we want the industry to stand proud, tell their story and celebrate Canadian food.
“My challenge to all of us in Agri-food from the farm level to the processing is don’t take for granted that people understand what we do. But tell their story, because I've learned it's our passion that’s the anchor to what makes Canadian Agriculture strong and we got to share that passion.”
He’s the curiosity that consumers have to learn about agriculture and where their food comes from is a great building block for the industry.        
Hundreds of events Celebrating Canada’s Agriculture Day are planned across the country.
Federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau is celebrating in Ottawa where she will provide remarks at a national event.
“With all the thousands of farms across the country and countless small and medium-sized businesses Agriculture is at the heart of our communities. It’s key to our rural vitality. On Canada’s Agriculture Day we celebrate our farmers and food producers. Canadians can be so proud of the amazing men and women across the country who have stories of resilience and innovation.”
This year’s celebration focuses on strengthening the relationship between consumers and producers.
John Barlow is the Conservative Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Agri-Food.
He says Agriculture Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate our hard-working farm families noting that Canadian Agriculture is the envy of the world.
“We do it better than anyone else on Earth. You know, by definition, agriculture is sustainable. I don't know any producer out there who does not take the utmost care for their soil, the water and certainly their livestock. This is their livelihood.”
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