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John Deere 1470G Harvesters now feature Intelligent Boom Control

The 1470G Harvester — the largest harvester model available in the John Deere line-up — now includes Intelligent Boom Control (IBC). 
The IBC technology, first introduced to the harvester category by John Deere in 2018, increases precision and accuracy during operation, boosting operator productivity. 
With IBC, available only on the CH9 boom, the operator no longer controls each independent boom joint movement separately. Instead, the operator manoeuvres the harvester head and the IBC technology automatically guides the boom.
“John Deere pioneered the IBC technology for harvesters, and we are excited to evolve that offering to include our large 1470G machine,” said Sakari Suuriniemi, product marketing manager for John Deere.
“After using an IBC-equipped machine, the boosts to productivity and efficiency are undeniable, making IBC a must-have feature for any logging operation. Understanding the demands of the logging industry and the labour challenges, Intelligent Boom Control allows operators — new or seasoned — to work faster, even in difficult conditions.” 
Designed to suit the work cycle of the harvester, the movement and operation of the boom adjusts as it is taken to a tree, and when the tree is in the grapple. With IBC, work is more precise, efficient and enjoyable, and new operators are able to quickly learn how to operate machines, according to the manufacturer. 
Intelligent Boom Control durability
Another benefit of the IBC system is improvement to the durability of the boom. The IBC system features electrical end damping for all the main boom movement directions, stopping strong blow-like loads in the end positions.
As a result, work is more fluent and the boom structures and hydraulic cylinders last longer. Furthermore, Intelligent Boom Control increases the quality of harvested timber, as there are no wounds to the remaining trees.
Designed to handle difficult terrain and powered by a John Deere 9-litre Tier 4 Final engine, the 1470G Harvester is able to handle large timber.
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