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KAP President Sends Letter To Prime Minister, Invites Trudeau To Manitoba

Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) President Bill Campbell has written a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, inviting him to visit Manitoba to meet with concerned farmers.
Below is a copy of the letter:
Dear Prime Minister,
On behalf of Manitoba farmers, I first want to congratulate you on your success and your party’s success in the most recent federal election. We look forward to working collaboratively with your government and the soon-to-be appointed Minister of Agriculture on issues such as stronger climate change programming, canola, trade, and enhanced programming for business risk management.
The purpose of my letter today is to invite you to Manitoba and to my farm in Minto to meet with myself and many of our concerned farmers across this province. We have encountered drought and excess moisture in the same farming year, on top of trade disputes that have threatened our bottom lines, and we are looking for federal leadership to ensure that our operations remain sustainable so that we can continue to be an economic driver in this country.
Since the election has concluded, we have heard a great deal from some Western Canadian politicians about separation from the rest of Canada given the lack of Western Canadian voices in your government. These discussions do not serve the best interest of our country and are not discussions Manitobans support. We do, however, have the need to hear from our federal government on the issues that we encounter every day.
Regardless of the composition of the House of Commons, the federal government has the responsibility to hear all voices and make decisions in the best interests of all Canadians, not just the Canadians that voted for them. I believe strongly that no matter our political differences, we can work beyond those and move my industry and our country forward because we have the responsibility to work together in a collaborative way.
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