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Saskatoon, SK –  Agriculture in the Classroom Saskatchewan (AITC-SK) is proud to launch, a brand-new, kid-friendly website for elementary students to learn about agriculture in Saskatchewan.
The interactive website provides the means for students to discover the deep agriculture roots of our province. Through highly interactive information, colourful illustrations, and real-life photos, students will explore the Past, Evolution, Present, and Future of agriculture.
“What started as a revamp of a children’s website from many years ago, morphed into this incredibly interactive and exciting website that brings the story of agriculture in Saskatchewan to life” says Sara Shymko, Executive Director of AITC-SK. “Information is written at a level appropriate for Grades 4 to 6 students that is informative, yet engaging. And the use of illustrations, photos and videos enable students to visualize the different aspects they explore on their journey through time.”
The website also includes quizzes and teacher lessons to guide teachers and students in their discovery, and to support further learning. It is yet another tool offered by AITC-SK that will help teachers meet curricular outcomes while also connecting students to where their food comes from.
“There is so much information for teachers to use within this website. This a great starting point to kick off many lessons. I love that all the information is here to save me time from having to find all of this content on my own” says Shelley Brandsetter, one of ten teachers involved in a review committee for the website. “Students will be excited and want to explore and scroll through. Great job on creating something for all different types of learners!”
Currently offers information on the Past and Present of agriculture. The second phase of the website, to be launched in October 2021, will include further topics in these sections, the addition of the Evolution and Future of agriculture sections, as well will highlight the importance of First Nations and Metis people in agriculture. Additional supplemental teacher resources and in-depth lessons will also be released.
Agriculture is the foundation of Saskatchewan. It is important that students understand that our farmers and producers work hard to produce safe, healthy, and affordable food for not only the people in our province, but around the world. And it is crucial that teachers and students have access to tools, like, to gain accurate, balanced, current, and science-based information about how food is produced.

Source : aitc

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