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Last Call For Alberta Wheat And Barley Commission Nominations

The Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions are looking for farmers to help lead the industry by letting their name stand in upcoming elections.
Both farm groups are looking to fill director positions, regional rep or delegate roles, and Alberta Barley is also looking for a director-at-large.
The deadline for nominations is Friday, November 1, and they must be submitted to the Commissions by 4:30 p.m. with signatures from three eligible producers.
“The commission works hard on behalf of barley farmers to ensure our long-term profitability,” said Alberta Barley Chair, Dave Bishop. “I have served on many commission boards over the years and it’s satisfying to contribute to matters that affect our bottom line such as transportation and innovative research. If you’re interested in representing farmers in your region, bringing forward new ideas and having an impact on our industry, I encourage you to submit a nomination form.”
All farmers running for a position with Alberta Barley must have produced barley in the region their running for and paid a service charge on barley in the past two crop years.
Same goes for the Wheat Commission, where individuals must be an Alberta Wheat Commission member, which means they've remitted payment to the Commission on commercial wheat sales in either the current or previous two fiscal years.
They must also grow wheat in the region they wish to be nominated in.
Positions open for Alberta Barley include a director in Region 3 in Central Alberta and a director in Region 4 covering the Northeast side of the Province running from Central Alberta all the way to the North border.
There also one director-at-large postion to fill from either Regions 1, 2, 5 or 6, and 17 delegate roles open between all six of the regions.
Alberta Wheat on the other hand is looking for two directors and three regional reps in Region 1 in Southern Alberta.
They also need two directors and three regional reps in Region 5 in Northwestern Alberta.
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