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Liberals Commit to Clean Technology and Climate Funding

The Liberal party has released its agriculture platform ahead of the September 20th federal election.

Jim Carr is the candidate for Winnipeg South Centre.

"Maybe the most important feature is that we're tripling the Clean Technology funding, and that means it will total five hundred million dollars. A significant investment in clean-tech ag, it can be used for a variety of purposes including precision agriculture, grain drying. That's not including two hundred million dollars we're adding the Climate Solutions Fund. So, that's seven hundred million new dollars in agriculture," said Carr.

Carr added, the Liberals also plan to change temporary foreign worker regulations, offering them a path to stay in Canada.

"The Agri-Stability program is very important," noted Carr. "We're disappointed that the three Prairie provinces haven't agreed to participate in that program...the offer is still on the table and so, we're hopeful that story will have a happy ending."

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