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Livestock Sector Seeing Improvements

The backlog in the beef sector is easing as packing plants continue to process more
Anne Wasko is Chair of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef and President of
Cattle Trends.
"If you go back to the second quarter, of course, both the U-S and Canada placed a lot fewer cattle
on feed during those difficult months. Now we're into that time frame where those cattle would have normally
been coming to market. So, we are going to be able to get through the backlog and I think by October 1both countries
are going to be able to say we've got a good chunk of that, for the most part, cleaned up."
She says the beef industry was able to push cattle forward which means we'll have more supplies
as we go through the winter.
Wasko says today prices are strong and trade is starting to open back up again.
"Both Canadian and US exports are picking up for both beef and pork and that's good news. Processors are
going to continue to process cattle and get us caught up. I think that's all going to mean
we've got as good or better prices than we saw a year ago as we head into the fall run."
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