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Mandako Hoping To See Ag Equipment Sales Rebound In 2020

A Plum Coulee-based farm equipment manufacturer is hoping for a better year in 2020.
Mark Lussier is the Sales Manager for Mandako.
"2019 was a bit of a tough year," he said. "It wasn't quite what we expected it to be but I think that we're about in the same boat as everybody else. We're looking forward to 2020. We're excited about the opportunities coming up."
Lussier commented further on some of the challenges they faced last year.
"The Canadian market we found that our producers weren't getting the contracts they needed. They weren't getting the prices they needed to buy new equipment so there was a bit of a slowdown and then on the U.S. side, it started to pickup towards the end of 2019 but earlier parts of 2019 it was quite slow."
He says it could be a trying spring for some farmers.
"A lot of fields were rutted up with farmers trying to get their crop off, so we're expecting a bit of a tougher spring. There will be some tillage done this spring. There will be challenging conditions like there always seems to be. We're thinking there will be a strong push on tillage this year, maybe to a lesser extent on [land]rollers."
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