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Manitoba Government Investing $1 Million To Establish New 4-H Scholarship Program

4-H has and continues to play a major role for many young adults.
Valerie Stone, Chair of 4-H Canada's Board of Directors, says the core values of 4-H have played a key role for many individuals.
"The role of 4-H is to create caring and contributing youth to create a positive change in the world around them. So members have the opportunity to learn to do by doing through a series of life skills and livestock opportunities that create them into a global citizen that is caring and contributing through positive youth development."
People are encouraged to wear green on Wednesday, November 4th, celebrate and give back to one of Canada's most longstanding and impactful youth organizations.
Stone says the day highlights the incredible things 4-H youth are doing in their communities and how the 4-H program is creating responsible, caring and contributing young leaders.
"Show Your 4-H Colours is really a showcase to the spirit of 4-H across Canada. From members, leaders, alumni, sponsors and supporters alike to be able to get together and spread awareness of 4-H and really celebrate the positive impact of the program."
She says BASF is a strong supporter noting they purchased over 900 "Show Your 4-H Colours" t-shirts providing more than $3,700 to provincial 4-H clubs across the country, and will be joining the 4-H Canada Youth Advisory Committee in speaking out through a video series on social media.
It was also announced today that the Manitoba government is investing $1 million to establish a new 4-H Manitoba Scholarship Program that will provide post-secondary scholarships to current and former 4-H members to further their post-secondary studies.
The province is working together with the Brandon Area Community Foundation and the Manitoba 4-H Council to create an endowment fund that will establish the 4-H Manitoba Scholarship Program. It is anticipated the endowment will support $42,000 in scholarships annually. The scholarship program will be administered by the Manitoba 4-H Council and will start being offered in 2021.
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