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Manitoba Harvest Reaches Three-Quarters Complete; Corn Coming Off

The Manitoba harvest is now more than three-quarters complete, with the corn crop starting to come off. 

Tuesday’s crop report put the overall harvest in the province at 76% complete, up from 64% for the week earlier and the five-year average. The spring cereals, spring wheat, oats, and barley, are all now at least 97% in the bin, with canola and dry beans at 78% and 84% done, respectively. The soybean harvest is now 41% complete, the report said. 

Meanwhile, many corn fields have reached physiological maturity and are drying down, with the harvest underway in the Central region where approximately 5% of the acres are off. Early corn yield reports vary widely, ranging from 80 to 200 bu/acre depending on how much moisture the crop received throughout the growing season. Approximately 80% of silage corn fields have been harvested, with yields ranging from 13 to 15 tonne/acre. 

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The Impact of Social Media on Weathe

Video: The Impact of Social Media on Weather

BY: Ashley Robinson

Social media is everywhere these days, if you’re not on X or Facebook or TikTok, you’re probably missing out on receiving some real-time information. A lot is posted to these social media websites, including weather. People post comments, photos and videos of the weather that they’re experiencing from storms to droughts to the first snow of the year, usually in real time. As social media is an integral part of life these days, how are those who predict and cover weather using this platform in their daily work?

On the Oct. 25 episode of Seed Speaks, we’re taking a closer look at how the weather reporting industry works with and uses social media to share what is happening in the world of weather. We’re joined by Anthony Atlas, vice-president of business development at Salient Predictions; Braydon Morisseau with Prairie Storm Chasers; and Chantal McCartin, physical science specialist at the Meteorological Service of Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Atlas leads the commercial efforts across the agriculture, energy, and finance sectors for Salient Predictions. Prior to working at Salient, Atlas was co-founder and head of product and growth at ClimateAI, the first enterprise climate resilience tech platform. He also held leadership roles at Ceres Imaging, an advanced data analytics platform for agriculture.

Morisseau has been fascinated by weather since he was a young boy, chasing storms since 2008. He has witnessed countless weather events including hundreds of tornadoes across North America. A strong advocate for safety and the science behind storms, Morisseau has dedicated his life to targeting, pursuing, and reporting active weather. Sharing these special moments with the world is very important to him.

McCartin is a seasoned physical science specialist with a rich and diverse career spanning over 13 years at Environment and Climate Change Canada. Her commitment to understanding and predicting the dynamic forces of nature has led her to occupy a variety of roles in different geographical locations, such as Toronto, Kelowna and the National Capital region. In her current role, McCartin has embraced the challenges of the digital age, as part of the weather social media team, where she works to convey complex meteorological information in ways that resonate with the general public.

Join us on Oct. 25 at 12 p.m. CDT on Seed World U.S., Seed World Canada, Seed World Europe and the Alberta Seed Guide’s Facebook pages, Seed World U.S.’s LinkedIn page and Seed World Group’s YouTube to watch the discussion.