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Manitoba Pork Industry Demonstrates Strong Environmental Record

By Bruce Cochrane.

The General Manager of Manitoba Pork says Manitoba's pork industry has made huge strides in terms of reducing its environmental footprint.

The Manitoba government is reviewing public input as it considers moving forward with its proposed "Red Tape Reduction and Government Efficiency Act."

Andrew Dickson, the General Manager of Manitoba Pork, says presentations during last month's public hearings show Manitoba has very high environmental standards built into its regulations dealing with livestock.

Clip-Andrew Dickson-Manitoba Pork:

They're certainly some of the stiffest most stringent regulations in North America.

Anybody who wants to make any sort of comparison only has to look at what goes on in Ontario or Saskatchewan or look at the jurisdictions in the United States and it will become apparent that Manitoba is a leader in this area.

For example in Manitoba all of our operations are subject to audit.

Annual manure management plans and soil tests are filed on an annual basis.

Application of manure is based on annual crop growth.

We're very concerned about showing people that we are being environmentally responsible.

For example our manure management plans are all filed with the provincial government.

We make strong efforts to try and show people through demonstrations of what we do on our farmers.

We supported the Farm and Food Discovery Centre at the University of Manitoba where people can go out and see animals within a barn.

We do continuous research each year and we support both at the provincial and at the federal level new research in terms of improving our environmental impact.

I think the industry is making huge strides to do its best.

The expectation is that any amendments will be to Bill 24 prior to a final vote, which is expected by the end of November.

Source: Farmscape