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Manufacturing week celebrates the success of the manufacturing sector in our province

This week is manufacturing week in Saskatchewan. 
The week celebrates the success of the manufacturing sector that has grown and developed right here in our province. 
Honey Bee Manufacturing was started by Greg and Glenn Honey, back in 1979 when they started building ag equipment to meet the needs of their own farm.
In the fall of 1987, the Grain Belt platform was growing in popularity, and they moved the operation to Frontier. 
General Manager Brad Nelson says they continue to grow and expand moving from 7 employees when the company started to about 185 today.
"Our main thrust over the last number of years has been the air flex platform," he said. "We've sort of started to rebuild the foundation of the company based on the product and we will continue to do that. Internationally we are having some success in eastern Europe today as well as western Europe."
He says like every company you have to start looking outside your own borders to grow your business noting they have had success throughout North America, Australia, as well as Europe.
Another Saskatchewan based company is SeedMaster.
SeedMaster is an agricultural manufacturer founded by Norbert Beaujot in 2002.
Over the years he has brought numerous products to the marketplace to help improve farmers operations, saving time and improving productivity. 
At this year's Ag In Motion event Beaujot showcased for the first time Dot Technology Corp’s Autonomous Power Platform – which replaces the need for a tractor.
"The power platform is made to load all different types of implements," Beaujot said. "We've got four types of implements, a harvest car, a seeder, as we've sprayer, and also have a land roller."
Source : Discoverestevan