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MANULIFT of Quebec City and Varennes commits to supporting Quebec farmers and their families

VARENNES, QC, - At the heart of Quebec's construction and agricultural markets, MANULIFT, which specializes in the industry's most productive and versatile lifting equipment, has recently chosen to become a partner of the organization Au cœur des familles agricoles (ACFA), in cooperation with the UPA (Union de producteurs agricoles) of the Quebec City and North-Shore regions, with the goal of hiring and developing the concept of row workers as an active mutual aid network in Quebec's agricultural community.

"As a supplier of telescopic forklifts, we have been working closely with the agricultural community for several years now, and it was only natural to establish a partnership that would produce concrete and immediate results with the hiring of the first row worker in these regions dedicated to helping agricultural entrepreneurs and their families," said MANULIFT's National Director of Agricultural Sales today, Pierre Brulotte. He noted that it has become intolerable to passively watch the increase in psychological distress and suicide rates among farmers, which are twice as high as those in the general population. 

Over a three-year period, MANULIFT has committed to donate $25,000 per year to the ACFA, including $12,500 while ensuring, in a second phase, to promote the cause and organize a number of one-time fundraisers to further contribute to the development of this mandate.

In a preventive perspective, the first field worker hired, Mrs. Myriam Lachance, is already travelling the ranks to meet with farmers to take the pulse of their psychological health and help them and their families. Her accompaniment services are offered free of charge to interested people who can call ACFA at 450 768-6995. "We want to help break down mental health taboos in the agricultural sector and encourage our partners to make contributions in order to recruit more resources," said Pascal Prévost, National Director of Marketing and Communications for the company, whose equipment models designed for farmers allow them to be more productive and efficient, thereby reducing their stress at work. This increased stress stems from external factors such as the unpredictable impacts of climate change affecting yields, market problems, access to strategic financing, labor shortages, consumer problems, suicidal thoughts, and other factors, unfortunately pushing many into the depths of psychological distress.    

For MANULIFT, this new active partnership is part of the company's desire to solidify its agricultural division in order to better meet the needs of farmers and their families, by strengthening already solid ties.  

According to Mr. Prévost, this initiative to establish lasting ties with producers is a significant message of solidarity and unwavering respect for the agricultural producers who, in the end, guarantee the food security of Quebecers.

Just as MANULIFT is a leader in the telescopic forklift industry, the wholly Quebec-owned company, said Prévost, believes it is the duty of all of us to support the men and women who work tirelessly, and often in isolation, in the essential services sector and who can no longer be left to fend for themselves. 

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