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May Wes Manufacturing Celebrates 50 Years of Service to Ag Industry

Hutchinson, Minn. – May Wes Manufacturing, inventor of the Stalk Stomper and the world’s leading manufacturer of aftermarket poly products for the ag industry, is celebrating 50 years of service in 2022. 

Known worldwide as “The Original Poly People,” May Wes revolutionized agriculture with the application of slick and durable UHMW poly in areas of high wear on farm equipment. Thanks to May Wes, modern agricultural equipment is now equipped with hundreds of heavy-duty plastic parts designed to protect it from wear and increase efficiency and yields, from skid shoes and Stalk Stompers to auger trough liners, poly retractable fingers, 5 Finger Quick Tines, poly pickup bands for hay balers and much more.

The Hutchinson, Minn.-based plastics parts manufacturer was founded by Gibbon, Minnesota farmers Mavis and Wesley Bruns in 1972. The couple needed a name for their family business so they combined their first names and May Wes Manufacturing was born. Mavis and Wesley foresaw an opportunity to help other farmers improve their operations with aftermarket products that increased efficiency and yields. Some of their first products included galvanized steel “Grain De-Viders” to guide grain into headers and “Gravity Flow Hoppers” that folded out for unloading. After a few years in business, they discovered that grain headers glided through fields with ease and held up longer by attaching plastic skid shoes to their underside. UHMW poly skid shoes remain one of May Wes’ top selling products.

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