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McDonald's Canada Is Going Back To 100 Percent Canadian Beef

One of the biggest backers of Canadian beef says it's returning to 100 percent Canadian beef next month.
McDonald's had to look for other sources of beef for its restaurants earlier this year, after outbreaks of COVID 19 at two major packing plants in Alberta. The shutdown of the Cargill plant in High River for two weeks led to a shortage of available beef and Mcdonald's had to find sources outside the country to fill the needs of its restaurants. But now that plants are back up to full slaughter capacity, a spokesman says the restaurants will once again be serving 100 percent Canadian sourced beef, starting again in September.  
Despite the sourcing issues because of COVID, more than 80 percent of the restaurant chain's beef supply was met by Canadian sources during the worst of the pandemic. There is still no word on when McDonald's will reinstate their full menu as it has been reduced due to the pandemic.
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